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Shop Oxford and the 3/50 projectThe 3/50 project is a grassroots campaign that is sweeping the country.  At last count, over 5000 have supported the efforts started by Cinda Baxter.  Baxter, a retailer herself posted a blog that has become like wildfire in the independent small business world.  That comment paraphrased is support 3 of your favorite businesses by committing to spend $50 a month total at them and YOU can make a difference.  Armed with impressive statistics that the message has on downtown businesses, Baxter created a campaign and shared with small towns, retailers, and restaurateurs.  The effort has been noticed by national media including CNN, Money and Fox News. 

Oxford has embraced this campaign and local residents will shortly see the area blanketed with the 3/50 project logos.  The signage reminds consumers to think and act locally.  Our downtown businesses are owned by your neighbors.  They support your schools, athletic teams, church groups, charities and individuals in need.  They are asking that you think locally when making a purchase.  Pick 3 independently owned businesses,  visit them, make a small purchase.  Spend a total of $50 a month at these businesses. YOU have made a difference.  

NOW, tell your neighbors, your friends, your relatives to do the same.  Together you are changing the economy!  For every $100 that is spent at independently owned businesses $68 is returned to the community. There you go again - changing the economy!  If just half the employed people in the US were to spend $50 each month, their purchases would generate over $42 Billion in revenue (yes that is BILLION).  It just takes one to start the trend - be that ONE. 

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi 

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