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Oxford's Facade Restoration Grant Program

Oxford Property/Business Owners:
Receive Up To $5000
For Storefront Improvements

The Oxford Mainstreet, Inc. Façade Restoration Grant provides money to commercial property owners or business owners (with property owner approval) to encourage restoration projects of building facades and to enhance the building’s overall exterior appearance, thus creating a uniform and consistent Central Business District (CBD).

Oxford Mainstreet, Inc. offer grants through funding received from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development’s Main Street Program. Project funding creates an incentive for private investment in Central Business District restoration projects and property reinvestment.

Oxford Mainstreet, Inc. offers a comprehensive publication of Design Guidelines to serve as a reference guide. The Design Guidelines cannot cover every situation nor solve every problem, rather, they offer basic information about physical improvements, which have proven to be effective in the revitalization of other Central Business Districts throughout Pennsylvania. In addition the Design Guidelines establish a set of principals to ensure that improvements are consistent with the scale, character and history of the Central Business District. These principals stress good property maintenance and preservation of original architectural features and encourage the compatibility of any replacement architectural elements and building additions.

Storefront improvements do not need to be costly. Often, a fresh coat of paint or a new sign, awning, lighting fixtures or flower boxes and planters are all that is needed. Fortunately many commercial buildings in Oxford have retained much of their charming architectural features that originally made them unique. The Façade Restoration Grant enables property owners to reverse alterations that did not preserve the original architectural character of a building and threatened the economic viability of the Commercial Business District.

An attractive and energetic Central Business District is key to the success of Oxford’s Downtown. Implementation of the Façade Restoration Grant will result in a more competitive and economically viable Central Business District. A strong and lasting impression depends upon the appearance of individual properties and the assets with which they were originally constructed.

Application Parameters:

The total reimbursement, per applicant, will not exceed 50% of the total project cost up to a maximum of $3000 or as otherwise noted. The grant cannot be used to pay for work that is currently in progress or completed. Eligible projects and their reimbursable dollar amounts are as follows:

Maximum reimbursement of $2000
This category is for the maintenance and repair of, or removal and replacement of existing signage and awnings, as well as the installation of new signage and awnings. This category includes lighting fixtures that provide direct lighting on signage or provide area lighting under awnings.

Maximum reimbursement of $5000
This category refers to the repair, cleaning, refinishing, painting, restoration, or replacement of exterior woodwork, architectural sheet metals and cast iron elements. This category includes exterior masonry repairs, restoration, repointing, repainting (only if originally painted), or low-pressure water or steam cleaning.

Maximum reimbursement of $5000
This category refers to the construction of new additions. With respect to existing structures, the repair, replacement, installation, painting or restoration of windows (including display, ornamental and upper-story windows), shutters and exterior doors as part of storefront entrance ways is also included. This category includes repair, replacement, installation, painting or restoration of cornices, parapets or roofs when part of a façade.

Paving and sitescaping:
Maximum reimbursement of $2500
This category is for the maintenance and repair of, or addition of sidewalks, walkways, plazas and courtyards. This category includes landscaping improvements to building sites.
Exterior Lighting:
Maximum reimbursement of $2000
This category is for the maintenance and repair of, or addition of exterior lighting to building sites. Exterior lighting may include building mounted fixtures, lamp posts on the sidewalk and parking area lighting.

Application and Approval Process:

Applicants are required to meet with the Design Committee (OMI) to discuss their project prior to completing the application process. Call the OMI Office to arrange this meeting. A $25 Application Fee applies. Due with completed application.

Applications will be accepted for review at any time throughout the year. The awarding of grants is dependent on funding from the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) and is based on the allocation of funds for the Façade Restoration Grant from the DCED. There is no certainty that funds will be available at any given time.

The Façade Restoration Grant application form is provided in the back of the Design Guidelines and can be obtained from the OMI Office or by downloading the online version below. Please be sure to review all the sections!
make links to pdfs:

design guidelines 1 - 3

design guidelines 4 - 7

design guidelines 8 - 11

design guidelines 12 - 15

facade grant - what you need to know pg 1

facade grant - what you need to know pg 2

facade grant application check list

facade grant application

A Façade Grant Application requires the following to be considered:

  • Applicant identification
  • Property owner identification
  • Location/address of the property
  • Five (5) complete copies of the following:
  • Written project description
  • Design plan(s), drawings
  • Schematic(s), photographs for each eligible projects
  • Contractor and material cost estimates for each eligible project
  • Matching fund verification, proof of financial responsibility
  • Signatures of the applicant and property owner

Selection Process:

Grants will be awarded based upon the level of improvement(s), the accuracy of historic preservation and the vitality and significant impact the project will make to the downtown environment. Only complete applications will be accepted for processing.The grant application will be reviewed by Oxford Mainstreet, Inc’s Mainstreet Manager and President for the completeness of information and supporting documents. This review process will completed within five (5) working days.

After the grant application is reviewed, it will be submitted to Oxford Mainstreet, Inc.’s Design Committee for review at their next scheduled meeting within 30 days.

Applicants are required to meet all codes and ordinances of the Borough of Oxford. Applicants are also required to secure any necessary permit(s) from the Borough of Oxford before work can commence.

The approved applicant must deposit the 50% matching funds into an escrow account with Oxford Mainstreet, Inc. prior to the commencement of work. Reimbursement to the project applicant/contractor(s) requires the following:

  1. Adherence to the design plan and/or project as submitted, reviewed and approved by Oxford Mainstreet, Inc.’s Design Committee;
  2. Pre-approval by the Design Committee of any changes of work-in-progress, and;
  3. The completion of final inspections, if required by the Borough of Oxford. There will be no reimbursement if Borough code or ordinance violations exist.

Important: Only approved work will be eligible for the Facade Restoration Grant. Project work may not commence until the applicant/property owner receives a notice to proceed from the Mainstreet Manager.

Once the project has been completed in a timely fashion, the application and/or contractor will end a letter of project satisfaction and all invoices to the Mainstreet Manager. Once work is completed and reviewed by the Oxford Mainstreet, Inc. Design Committee, the funds will be released.

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