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Mission Statement

The mission of Oxford Mainstreet, Inc. is to serve as the catalyst to unify and partner with supporting organizations to promote and foster economic growth and stability within the Business Improvement District, while preserving Downtown Oxford's rich historic and cultural identity.  Oxford Mainstreet Inc is committed to improving the quality of life for residents and visitors alike by making Downtown Oxford a more attractive and enjoyable place to live, work and play.

Vision Statement

By preserving historic charm, fostering growth, promoting a sense of community and improving image, Oxford will develop into an attractive location for investors, property owners, business owners, and residents, and become a destination point for visitors



If these buildings could talk, oh, the stories they would tell….Stories of constructing beautiful storefronts rich in material and architectural elements. Stories of busy streets, bustling sidewalks, thriving merchants and downtown shopping. Stories of movie theaters, restaurants and places to meet neighbors and friends. Stories of leisurely evening strolls and finding a safe place to rest. These are stories of a time of prosperity and progress – this is Oxford’s history and its future.



“All roads lead to Oxford,” or so they say, from far east to west, from south to north, many travelers have stopped in Oxford along their journey. Roads to and from larger cities all crisscross to create this village. The Borough itself serves as the hub of a promising economic region with a population of 20,000+ and arteries leading to several major cities on the eastern seaboard.



The greater Oxford area is rich with fertile soil and industrious people. Oxford’s diverse landscape and open space is still being farmed in the traditional fashion – the family farm still accounts for a large part of the local economy. Amish and “English” working farms are interspersed throughout Oxford’s five surrounding townships. Beltways of farmland and agricultural preservation are balanced with new housing developments.



“First the lonely cabin in the wilderness; second, the struggling village; third , the ambitious Borough; and fourth, the rushing city?” The late John T. Kelly wrote these prophetic words in the year 1894. The promise of Oxford is alive today as we continue to move forward and grow. Our village has roots in a rich past while stretching into a future full of opportunity. 


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