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For a Parking Map Click Here.

Free Parking is located in the lot off of Second Street.

Downtown Oxford meters on 3rd Street between Hodgson and Market accept nickels, dimes and quarters.

Metered Parking is available Monday thru Saturday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm in the following locations:

Name of Street
Time Limit
Broad Street Both 2 hours 1 hour for $0.25 Third Street to the Bridge
Lancaster Avenue South 2 hours 1 hour for $0.25 Coach Street to Pine Street
Locust Street North 12 minutes 12 minutes for $0.25 In front of post office
Locust Street Both 2 hours 1 hour for $0.25 Third Street to Second Street, except in front of post office
Market Street North 2 hours 1 hour for $0.25 Fourth Street to Fifth Street
Market Street East 2 hours 1 hour for $0.25 North Third Street to Niblock Alley
North Third Street East 2 hours 1 hour for $0.25 Market Street to 25 North Third Street
Octoraro Street South 2 hours 1 hour for $0.25 Alley at rear of Octoraro Hotel to Second Street
South Third Street East 2 hours 1 hour for $0.25 Hodgson Street to Locust Street

What are Parking Tickets?

Yes, Parking Tickets are necessary to encourage compliance with local ordinances. Certain areas, have parking restrictions such as 12 minutes to 2 hours. Meters must be used Monday through Saturday 8am-8pm. There is free parking in designated lots within the business district. At times, someone may call the Police Department and complain about the length of time a car has been parked in a spot. Other times, an officer may be driving, walking or bicycling in the area and take notice to cars that are parked for a long time in a limited time space.

Where to Pay Parking Tickets:

You can pay parking tickets directly at the Police Department, or by mail. Most parking tickets are $15.00 unless you happen to park illegally in a handicap parking space. If you do not pay your parking ticket within the requested time frame, you could be issued a citation which will increase the amount of your ticket to $25.

If you were issued a parking ticket and wish to dispute it, you must request a hearing before the district justice.

  • Parking on private property is prohibited – generally the owner of the property or business will call us and request the cars be ticketed.
  • When parking your vehicle, the vehicle must be facing the same as traffic flow. If you park your car facing oncoming traffic, you will receive a ticket.
  • Parking in a handicap space – you must have either a license plate with a handicap designation or a placard on your rearview mirror.

Where do I pay for Citations?

Citations – Traffic and Non-Traffic - Must be paid at District Court 15-3-05 located at 305 South Third Street in Oxford.


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