Where can I park in Downtown Oxford?

Welcome to beautiful Downtown Oxford, PA

Please use the Parking Map to find appropriate parking for your planned activity.  We have convenient metered parking right in front of many businesses, and municipal parking lots within a block or two of all downtown establishments which have convenient kiosks and a mobile parking app.

Parking Permits

Parking Permits for the municipal lots are now available for purchase at the Borough of Oxford, 401 Market Street.

The Parking Permit Application can be found on the Borough’s website: oxfordboro.org/home/pages/parking-in-the-borough

Parking Rates

Number of Permits Monthly Quarterly Yearly
1 - 4 $60 $57 $54
5 - 9 $57 $54 $49
10 - 14 $54 $51 $46
15 - 19 $51 $48 $43
20 and above $48 $45 $40

Parking App

Download the App through iTunes or Google Play on your phone.


Google Play 

Parking Kiosks accept credit cards, debit cards, and coins.

To the Right is a video explaining how to use the new kiosks.


Oxford Borough Multimodal Transportation Center

Oxford Construction Sign.jpg

Project History

In recent years, Oxford Borough has accomplished several revitalization initiatives in the downtown, including public infrastructure and streetscape improvements and successful redevelopment projects. However, the Borough currently lacks the necessary parking and transportation infrastructure and local multimodal connection point that is a prerequisite to continued growth and expanding future bus and other shared transit services. Currently, the greater Oxford area has limited bus service and no public transit connection to regional SEPTA and AMTRAK rail service.

Project Description

Would you like to see more shops, services, restaurants and perhaps a theater in the downtown? Currently, the Borough lacks the required supportive parking where potential employees of new businesses could park.  The Oxford Borough Multimodal Transportation Center addresses this well researched and documented parking shortage.

This project will ease the tax burden of Oxford residents and contribute to the long-term vitality and economic strength of the Borough. A vibrant, bustling business corridor brings new tax revenue to the municipality, which means the Borough can rely less on the residents to fund basic services. We are fortunate to have beautiful, historic buildings lining the downtown, but businesses will not locate here or be able to survive without supportive parking for new employees and patrons.

The Oxford Borough Multimodal Transportation Center is designed to be a four-story, five-level parking structure, with multimodal transportation integration and park-n-ride capabilities. It is intended to be the community’s main transportation hub.

The new building will also include approximately 2,700 square feet of ground-level interior space, along Octoraro Alley, which will become the new Borough Hall. The new Borough Hall will be a vast improvement to the current facility and will ideally relocate municipal services to the center of Downtown.

Once complete, the Oxford Mutlimodal Transportation
Center will generate revenue for the Borough; aid economic
development effort improve multimodal circulation
through the downtown; and help connect residents to
employment and education opportunities within the
Borough and other urban centers in the region.

This project is essential to the revitalization of Oxford. However, municipal leaders are taking a very cautious approach. The facility will only be built if certain funding and development milestone are met.

Project Funding

The project is an approximately $6.7 M investment in parking and public transportation infrastructure and a new Borough Hall. The Borough is committed to funding this project without taxing Oxford residents, and is pursuing all other public and private funding opportunities available to municipal governments. The project will only move forward if enough funding is secured (through public and private grants and donations) to ensure any additional construction and ongoing operational costs can be paid entirely through revenue received through parking fee, permits and fines.

Through this project, funders have a unique opportunity to vastly improve the economic outlook for greater Oxford through one well-defined, strategic development project.

Confirmed Funding

  • $3.6 M Grants through the Chester County Community Revitalization Program, the PA Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) and the PA Department of Transportation (PennDOT)

  • $1.0 M Private Donation

In addition, the project benefits from the involvement of a PennDOT-assigned project engineer.

Project Supporters

  • Oxford Borough Council

  • PA Sen. Andrew E. Dinniman

  • PA Rep. John Lawrence

  • Senator Toomey

  • Senator Casey

  • Chester County Economic Development  Council

  • Transportation Management  Association of Chester County (TMACC)

  • Oxford Mainstreet Inc.

  • Oxford Arts Alliance

  • Oxford Chamber of Commerce

  • Oxford Area School District

  • Oxford Rotary Foundation

  • Oxford Library Company

  • Oxford Area Foundation

  • Oxford Area Senior Center

  • BB&T

  • Cameron’s Hardware

  • Herr Foods

  • Flowers Baking Co (Tastykake)

  • Lincoln University

  • Oxford Feed & Lumber

  • SawMill Grill

  • Ware Presbyterian Village

  • Plus numerous local business owners, residents and community members

What can you do?

Numerous public meetings have been held in relation to each parking study completed. An informational Town Hall was held in April of last year about the planned facility. In addition, project updates are provided to Borough Council and residents monthly at public council meetings.

To stay informed about the project and downtown happenings:

  • Attend council meetings to ask questions or get the most recent information

  • Visit this and the Borough’s websites frequently

  • Subscribe to our newsletter

  • Like us on Facebook. We often share the latest information, including local newspaper articles and grant announcements, about the project.

You can directly support the project by:

  • Voicing your support at a council meeting.

  • Sending a letter of support to:
    Sue Lombardi, President
    Borough Council – Borough of Oxford
    401 Market Street
    PO Box 380
    Oxford, PA 19363

  • Discussing the project with friends and family in greater Oxford. By doing so you can help disseminate accurate information and garner more support.

  • Experience Oxford! Downtown Oxford offers food, fair and a friendly atmosphere you can’t get anywhere else! The best way to support our revitalization efforts is to patron local shops and restaurants both now and through this next exciting phase in our economic development.


The project is currently working through the final design and approval process. It is currently anticipated to break ground later in the year, once all funding is confirmed.  Construction is anticipated to take 12 to 18 months.

Current project timeline:

July 2018 – Project goes out for bid

September 2018 – Bids are tabulated and project financing is secured

October 2018 – Awarded bid is given the notice to proceed

February 2019 – Project breaks ground/construction begins

Where there be permit parking for downtown businesses and their employees?

Yes. Permits are being issued to downtown residents, businesses and their employees. This is to ensure metered street parking remains open for patrons. Surrounding neighborhoods will be permitted as well to ensure resident parking needs are being met and parking related to the business district remains in designated areas. For more information about how to purchase a downtown permit or to obtain a residential neighborhood permit, please contact: Oxford Borough at 610-932-2500

How will ongoing maintenance and security be paid for?

Parking revenue from meters, permits and fines.

Once construction begins, how long to completion?

18-20 Months

Were there any studies done to support this project?

Yes, many studies have been completed in recent years that point to the need for additional parking in the Borough. The most recent study can be read here.

I heard a nearby community is not making money on their parking garage.”

Revenue projections for any given project depend on 1.) how much debt is incurred to fund construction and 2.) informed ongoing operational management.

Taking a loan to fund the majority of construction costs significantly impacts the financial management and profitability of the structure. Borough Council is committed to an alternative approach. The project will only move forward if certain public and private funding milestones are met.

Ample supportive parking is vital to economic development. Surrounding municipalities struggle with these issues as well. Currently both Coatesville and Kennett Square are pursuing building new or expanding existing parking structures.

Why should  people pay for parking when it has been free until now?

Parking is never free, but you don’t not always “see” its costs. Historically Oxford residents have paid the expenses to maintain and operate the parking lots and metered spaces in the downtown through their local taxes.  Permitting and appropriately metering municipal parking lots and street parking will ensure the costs are being incurred by the users, bringing Oxford more in line with best practices and how parking is managed in other towns.

Where will people park during construction?

Municipal leaders are working with the project team and local property owners to develop a temporary parking plan to ensure inconvenience and hardships are kept to a minimum. The information required to finalize the plan is still being collected.  The plan will be finalized, approved and then disseminated to the public once all required information is obtained and a construction schedule is confirmed.

If you have questions or concerns about access to your business, residence or other areas of the downtown, please contact Borough Hall at: 610-932-2500

How is building a parking garage going to revitalize the downtown?

Building a parking garage alone will not revitalize Oxford, but it does provide necessary public infrastructure to support and enable it. Oxford community, business and municipal leaders have worked hard to revitalize the downtown over the years. And it is working! 25 new businesses have opened and remained in business in the last five year! Mainstreet events, like First Friday and the Car Show, are well attended and draw people from around the region! However, to sustain our current businesses and bring in new services and amenities, we need more people working in Oxford. We need people here during the day Monday through Friday who will pop down from their office for lunch or stop in to a local shop to buy a gift, a new outfit or a cup of coffee.  There simply is not enough parking currently to support the full use of the buildings in the downtown in this way. If you like Oxford as it is now or you want to see more amenities added to improve your quality of life, you should support this project.

I heard the Borough plans to raise taxes to fund this project, is that true?

No. Municipal leaders are taking every precaution to ensure the residents do not bear the cost of this important infrastructure project, including working with local legislators to secure public grants.  With the help of State Senator Andy Dinniman and Representative John Lawrence, $3.6 M in grant funding has been secured to date. The effort to secure more funding continues. Another $1.0 M private donation is going into the project as well. Outside funders expect a municipality to also make a financial commitment, and the Borough will finance a portion of the project. However, that cost and the ongoing operations of the facility will be paid for entirely by parking fees, permits and fines.

In fact, the project is intended to help reduce the tax burden on Oxford residents over time. A thriving downtown not only provides more entertainment, shopping, dining and employment options. It also brings in new, commercial tax revenue. This ultimately means the Borough is less reliant on residents to fund basic services.


Parking Management Study

Click Here to learn more about the 2015 Parking Management Study

Parking is always a concern and an issue in Boroughs like Oxford. Vibrant economic development has been linked to the availability of parking and transportation. The community and leaders have identified parking as a high priority for the Borough’s Central Business District. The Borough of Oxford initiated the Parking Management Study as a step to continuously and strategically address the need for efficient parking, and support the businesses, their patrons, and residents in the area as the Borough grows.

2015 Parking Management Study

Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Appendix 3

Appendix 4

Appendix 5

Appendix 6