Start-up Checklist


Thank you for choosing Oxford as your business home! Outlined below are the steps necessary to open a business. If you have any questions are you move through these steps, please reach out to Oxford Mainstreet, we are here to help you succeed.

  1. Contact the Borough Manager – (610) 932-2500 ext. 302
    (BEFORE you purchase a property, sign an rental agreement or change the type of business)

  2. Contact the Oxford Area Sewer Authority – (610) 932-3493
    There is a filing process through the OASA and State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

  3. Contact the Codes Enforcement Officer – (610) 932-2500 ext. 307

    1. Apply for a Use and Occupancy Permit

    2. Apply for a Building Permit if you are adding to the outside, including signs, awnings, etc.

    3. Borough of Oxford Historic District Ordinance:

      1. A Building Permit may trigger a Historical Architectural Review Board (HARB) review – Application

      2. HARB meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 P.M. (as needed) at Borough Hall (401 Market Street)

      3. Send Application, supporting documents/photos/drawings to Sherry Andrews ( in advance of the meeting

      4. HARB Board:
        Sherry Andrews, Chair
        David Larson
        Chuck Swope
        Townsend Moore
        Scott Moran
        Carolyn Hess

    4. Oxford Borough Zoning Map

  4. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
    PA Dept. of State, Business & Charities

    1. Choose a Business Structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or sub-chapter “s”or”c” corporation, Limited Liability Partnership (LLC), etc.) To form a corporation in the state of Pennsylvania, you must file Articles of Incorporation with the Department of State (form DSCB:1306). Phone: 717-787-1057

  5. Department of State
    Register your fictitious name with the Department of State. A fictitious name is any assumed or fictitious name, style or designation other than the proper name of the entity using such a name. The term includes the name of any association, general partnership, business trust, syndicate, joint venture or similar combination of groups of persons. To register, you must file form DSCB:54-311n with the Corporation Bureau of the Department of State. Before or after registering a fictitious name, you will be required to place an advertisement in newspapers of general circulation in Chester County (such as the Daily Local News or Chester County Press), as well as a legal paper in Chester County.