Keeping History Alive with 3 Simple Letters


One of the most iconic buildings in the Borough of Oxford is none other than the 187 year-old Octoraro Hotel & Tavern, affectionately called the OTE. For years during its vacancy, the only letters that remained lit on the large exterior sign were the O.T.E. That’s how the nickname stuck.


Walk inside these hollowed doors and you walk into history. Having gone through numerous owners, many building additions, seeing prohibition come and go, and the heart wrenching fires, it still stands as a beacon in the center of Oxford. Welcoming locals and travelers alike to pull up a barstool or grab a seat on the porch and enjoy a beverage as you watch the town pass by.

The current stewards of this Landmark building, John and Nickoel McGlothlin have restored the building to its former glory and have given new life to these historic walls.

After the devastating fire in 2014, a 15 month and $1 Million renovation, the OTE has returned, and some would say the culture that it brings has never left.

Walking into the OTE you see what makes Oxford such a unique place. You have the professional business people in suits, the local farmers in cowboy boots, and our Amish neighbors in suspenders, all congregating side by side.

Entering the soon to be opened, second floor event space, the original first-floor bar that survived the fire wears it’s scorch marks as a badge of honor.

The McGlothlin’s have created an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome to come as they are. With the underlying sense that being nice to everyone you meet is the way to foster a sense of community.

The All American Burger is a favorite item on the menu. Eating one inside the OTE you can chat with a stranger, watch friends play pool, enjoy a local band, and see a buggy pass by. One thing is for sure, you can only find this experience at the OTE in Downtown Oxford, PA.

Stop by the OTE this Wednesday, March 14th for the Guest Bartender Night, 6-9pm.

Octoraro Hotel & Tavern
2 South Third Street
Oxford, PA 19363
(610) 932-2290

Mary Lou Baily