Your Next Adventure Awaits

Shop owners, Lori and Randy Grace opened the Maroon Hornet in October 2016 and have been bringing adventures to their customers ever since.

Lori worked in the corporate world for 20+ years but had a dream of doing something she truly enjoyed on her own. At the same time, she began thinking more about Oxford, and about what was missing from town that people would enjoy going to. She wanted to bring something different into town. Something that would bring families Downtown to shop.

During this same time Randy would visit his kids in Reading, PA and after dinner he always took them to the local comic book store. Randy got to talking with that shop owner and mentioned that he and his wife had an idea about opening a shop in Oxford. Lori shared, he was so welcoming to us and shared his knowledge, he really became a mentor to us.”


“The one thing I was nervous about before opening the shop was the fact that I would be here during the day while Randy works his 9-5 job. Now, Randy knows comics inside and out but I’m still learning. And our customers expect you to know a lot. But, the more I’m in here the more I learn.”

“I like reading the weird stuff Dracula, Redneck, and Witchblade are a few. Randy’s favorite series are Daredevil, Ironman, and Spiderman.”

Lori explains how she takes customer service to the next level, “we live close by the shop, so if a customer is coming into town and we’re closed, they can call me and I’ll run over and open the doors for them.”

“We also offer subscriptions. A customer can sign up for a subscription to a series and that comic automatically gets added to our weekly order. We have a mailbox for each customer and we just add their subscription to their box each week. This way they will never miss an issue.”

“We also have a loyal customer who provides our giveaways. Each month he purchases an item from the shop that we can provide as a giveaway. Every customer who buys something is then given a chance to roll the lucky number and take the selected item home with them. It’s amazing how kind and generous our customers are.”

“We work really hard to provide personal and exceptional customer service.”


“We have one newer customer who came in looking for comics for her daughter who has trouble reading and envisioning. So, she came in and bought comic books to help her overcome this. She has connected me with a group of teachers online who are learning how to use comics in their classrooms.  There are many studies that have shown how comic books are good for literacy and helping kids learn to read.”

The Maroon Hornet carries new, key, and back issue comics, along with trade paperbacks and graphic novels. There is also a nice selection of new and vintage toys and action figures. They also carry games and gaming supplies.

The Maroon Hornet hosts multiple game nights/days throughout the month. Including, Magic the Gathering every other Saturday in the shop and Warhammer every Sunday at Flickerwood Wine Cellars. You can find out about the next one on their Facebook Page:

May’s First Friday is Comics & Heroes, with a Kids and Adult Costume Contest, a Superhero Scavenger Hunt, Photobooth, Batmobile, Ghostbuster’s Ecto-1, and more surprises!

The following day, Saturday May 5, is the national Free Comic Book Day! The Maroon Hornet is hosting special guests and events throughout the day.

Put on your mask or cape and make your way into Downtown Oxford for this Comic and Hero Weekend! 

Visit the Maroon Hornet at:
45 South Third Street
Oxford, PA 19363
(610) 757-5819

Mary Lou Baily